The Only Harlem Shake Worth Sharing

24 Feb

Everyone knows nobody in Harlem would be caught dead doing the fake Harlem Shake but for some reason this one seems Ⓐ-okay:


All Cats Are Beautiful Tape Update

24 Feb

ACABWPartSo I have finished all the recording and whatnot for All Cats Are Beautiful and I am just waiting for my good friend James “Fox Mulder” Fox to master the tracks so they sound all classy.  Then it is time to get them put onto tapes and made available for all you fine fuckin’ people!  So here is a look at the album art, designed by yours truly, and I’ll be sure to make a post when the tapes are ready.  That’s all for now you fucking punx.

Squirrel – “Under The Covers”

24 Feb


Under The Covers is a collection of covers recorded around the beginning of 2012.  Something to do while I was finishing up the songs for my new album titled All Cats Are Beautiful which will be coming out on tape soon.  It’s available for download free on Band Camp through the link in the Releases section or by clicking on the image to the left.

New tracks from Van Houten

13 Dec

Just released some new tracks by Van Houten.  Van Houten is the handiwork of the talented Joseph Wright.  We recorded these songs in my garage on cold fall nights and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do.  You can listen or download them by clicking here or by going to the Releases page.

Hello all!

9 Dec

This is the new home of Water Trash Music Collective.  We figured the easiest way to interact with peeps would be through a blog like this, trying our best to cut out the middleperson in an already alienating method of communication.  Here you’ll find up to the minute information on any releases or tours as well access to all our releases free to download.  We also have an order page for anyone interested in physical copies of any of the albums.